Month: September 2020

Sony Website Data Hack Again by LulzSec HackerSony Website Data Hack Again by LulzSec Hacker

LulzSec hacked Sony website again and leaked the information of its users, the company has confirmed the latest incident involving hacking and compromising of information. LulzSec has leaked the confidential and personal information of the users on Sony website. The information consisted of email addresses of the users, phone numbers, date of birth, full postal address and also the Sony passwords of users. After confirming the incident Sony said that they have taken action to protect them from further attacks.

Sony also said that they have hired a team of ‘outside experts’ in order to conduct forensic analysis. Sony has also called FBI to work with them in order to identify the hackers operating under the name LulzSec and also to bring them to justice for the cyber crimes they have done over the period of time. LulzSec unafraid of FBI Sony might have called FBI in order to take action against LulzSec, but the hacker’s group isn’t afraid of the FBI.

LulzSec on last Friday hacked InfraGard which is a private sector company affiliated with FBI. LulzSec leaked the important information of the website and also disfigured it. LulzSec are so confident and do not care about the FBI, as was evident as before hacking the company’s website, LulzSec Tweeted, “Welcome to #FuckFBIFriday, wherein we sit and laugh at the FBI. No times decided, but we’ll cook up something nice for tonight. FBI catching hackers Stopping LulzSec is going to be tough task for FBI, but FBI and other Law enforcement agencies are catching the hackers periodically. For hacking an ATM FBI caught a 20 year old hacker from North Carolina on May 9.

He was sentenced a 37 months prison. A 26-year-old hacker was caught by the authorities for hacking business computer networks to steal credit cards on April 21. His sentence is scheduled for July 22, 2011 and he is set to receive the penalty of atleast 10 year of imprisonment. For hacking hospital’s computer, a 26 year old hacker was sentenced to 110 months of imprisonment.