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How to Transcode Panasonic HDC-TM700 AVCHD Video to ProRes 422 for Final Cut ProHow to Transcode Panasonic HDC-TM700 AVCHD Video to ProRes 422 for Final Cut Pro

“I am working as an intern at a local station and have brokered a deal to produce a web show that a couple of my friends and I have been making into a half hour format TV series. I am going to be using two Panasonic HDC-TM700’s shooting AVCHD and edit the .mts file on FCP. Since I’m delivering for broadcast I want to have the best quality I can, but there’s no reason to over do it.” Have you got the above similar issues? Below is the easiest way to help you convert and transcode AVCHD MTS recordings from Panasonic HDC-TM700 to Apple ProRes 422 for convenient editing in Final Cut Pro Studio via Foxreal Video Converter for Mac.

It also supports transcoding and converting Nikon D300s . avi videos, Sony NX5U/EX-1 videos, Canon EOS 5D/7D/HFS100’s AVCHD and other AVCHD HD videos to PreRes 422 format with ease. The step-by-step guide on how to transcode AVCHD to ProRes 422 for Final Cut Pro with Foxreal Video Converter for Mac:

Step 1: Run Foxreal Video Converter for Mac as the perfect AVCHD to ProRes 422 Converter, and click on to load your AVCHD footage from Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder into this program via USB.

Step 2: Choose Apple ProRes 422 format for Final Cut Pro Studio. Click on “Format” drop-down list, you could see a variety of output profiles for different media devices or applications. Just select “Final Cut Pro

Microsoft Releases New Internet Explorer 9 BrowserMicrosoft Releases New Internet Explorer 9 Browser

Microsoft released the latest version of its Internet Explorer web browsing software free online late Monday, hoping to fend off recent challenges by Firefox and Google Chrome. “IE9 has just released around the world,” a booming voice told a cheering crowd at 11:00 pm Monday (0400 GMT Tuesday) in the Austin City Limits Live concert hall where a launch party was being held. Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was available for download in 30 languages at Fun4masti “Things are about to change,” Microsoft corporate vice president Dean Hachamovitch said just hours earlier at a press conference at the South By Southwest Interactive technology festival here. “We took a dramatically different tack,” he continued. “It’s a really good day for the Web.”IE9 is built to make the most of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, as well as graphics processing chips that can power videos, games and graphics.

The long list of partners that have adapted websites to IE9 includes Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Hulu, and Yahoo!, according to Microsoft. “We have worked with partners reaching a billion active Internet users,” Hachamovitch said. “All of these partners are using IE9 to make a more beautiful Web, starting today.” More than 40 million copies of IE9 have already been downloaded as part of the process leading up to its official release, according to Microsoft. Microsoft showed off a lean, muscular new Internet Explorer crafted to spotlight slick websites and beat back competition from Firefox and Google.

Microsoft director of web services strategy Ari Bixhorn booted up an Apple MacBook Pro laptop running the latest version of Firefox for a side-by-side comparison. A laptop powered by Windows and using IE9 smoothly zipped through cascading images illustrating top tunes at a radio station website while the competition appeared to be much slower. Once a website is reached, the IE9 browser seems to almost vanish to spotlight the content. “The browser is the stage and the websites are the stars of the show,” Hachamovitch told AFP during an earlier demonstration. The browser is included in Windows software, and the operating system remains at a core of Microsoft’s software empire. The Redmond, Washington-based technology colossus claims more than one billion Windows customers.

IE9 promised to be another hit release for Microsoft, which has had market success with the Windows 7 operating system and the Kinect motion-sensing controller accessory for Xbox 360 video game consoles. Web Designing in Sydney Host Rates Australian Cheapest Air Fare Rates Send Money to From Australia To Pakistan

Sony Website Data Hack Again by LulzSec HackerSony Website Data Hack Again by LulzSec Hacker

LulzSec hacked Sony website again and leaked the information of its users, the company has confirmed the latest incident involving hacking and compromising of information. LulzSec has leaked the confidential and personal information of the users on Sony website. The information consisted of email addresses of the users, phone numbers, date of birth, full postal address and also the Sony passwords of users. After confirming the incident Sony said that they have taken action to protect them from further attacks.

Sony also said that they have hired a team of ‘outside experts’ in order to conduct forensic analysis. Sony has also called FBI to work with them in order to identify the hackers operating under the name LulzSec and also to bring them to justice for the cyber crimes they have done over the period of time. LulzSec unafraid of FBI Sony might have called FBI in order to take action against LulzSec, but the hacker’s group isn’t afraid of the FBI.

LulzSec on last Friday hacked InfraGard which is a private sector company affiliated with FBI. LulzSec leaked the important information of the website and also disfigured it. LulzSec are so confident and do not care about the FBI, as was evident as before hacking the company’s website, LulzSec Tweeted, “Welcome to #FuckFBIFriday, wherein we sit and laugh at the FBI. No times decided, but we’ll cook up something nice for tonight. FBI catching hackers Stopping LulzSec is going to be tough task for FBI, but FBI and other Law enforcement agencies are catching the hackers periodically. For hacking an ATM FBI caught a 20 year old hacker from North Carolina on May 9.

He was sentenced a 37 months prison. A 26-year-old hacker was caught by the authorities for hacking business computer networks to steal credit cards on April 21. His sentence is scheduled for July 22, 2011 and he is set to receive the penalty of atleast 10 year of imprisonment. For hacking hospital’s computer, a 26 year old hacker was sentenced to 110 months of imprisonment.

Printer Hire for Business DevelopmentPrinter Hire for Business Development

At the same time, they may need to print good quality brochures, for promoting their events or campaign their causes. In such case printer hire will be the best option. Hire services can be utilized the maximum for the development of a business. Printing cost: A small business that needs to printing of many numbers of copies of documents and material for marketing purposes, hire services will prove to be economical.

However, the rates for hiring this equipment may vary depending on the duration for which the printer is taken on rent and the type of printer that need to be taken on rent. Types of Printers: Various types will be available with the printer rental service company. Thermal, inkjet, laser and plotter are the types of printers that are available. Knowing the types of printers and understanding the requirements helps in choosing the most suitable equipment .

People who need a computer printer for heavy printing work, a laser print will be the best option. Inkjet printer is suitable for those who only need printer for basic needs. It is easy to install and use. Various brands are available for rent such as Lexmark, Canon, HP and Epson. The prices may vary depending on the brand.

Technical Support: when the printers are used for heavy jobs, the chances are high that they may have some problems. if the printer is rented from a firm, the firm may offer timely and all round technical support. They will come on-site for repairing the printer. The repairing service will also be part of the rental package. The technical staff will also be right persons to handle printing of multi number of document and good quality graphics. Advanced printing technology: Connecting multiple printers to the computer system needs lot of cables. Connecting the cables is a confusing task. Thus a hire company can be asked if they have wireless server to connect the laser printer and computer. Using a wireless computer network requires no cables. When a printer is taken on rent, the staff of the rental firm will help in integrating the hardware to the network either at the exhibition, at the work place or at a business conference.

Printing Software: When a printer is taken on rent, the package includes the software that is needed for printing images and graphics. There will not be any requirement to purchasing the software, as the rental firm staff install and configure the required software. Another important thing is the printer equipment that is rented will be of good quality. The rental firm will ensure that the equipment is in working condition.

Pocket Size Camera Reviews – Finding The Features You NeedPocket Size Camera Reviews – Finding The Features You Need

The pocket size camera industry is one area within the consumer electronics community that keeps growing rapidly. You can probably guess that there is a lot of competition among the many manufacturers of this device. This kind of competition is wonderful news for you as a consumer. This competition drives innovation and the development of new features in addition to keeping the technology flowing. Check out the latest technology in pocket size cameras so you can find the perfect one for your Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR is a very respectable compact pocket size camera by all accounts. One of it’s appealing features is the mega zoom feature. This camera has 12 megapixels, which some only consider useful for large prints. It is reasonably priced considering it does have advanced functions. You can choose between three modes of EXR. What that does is it essentially makes the F80 a three in one type of camera. There are three modes: highest possible resolution mode; optimum dynamic range mode; and the lowest possible noise mode. More impressively, the F80EXR can also analyze the scene and make the best choice for you. The PowerShot SD 870 IS by Canon is next up for discussion. While many features are quite similar to the SD850 IS, there are some notable cosmetic differences. The LDC screen is slightly bigger at 3 inches and the camera boasts a slight increase in megapixels from 8 to 8.3. The Digic III image processor, however, is completely new and the camera boasts some advanced technology. This camera has shorter processing time partly due to the phenomenal face detection feature that is capable of detecting up to nine faces. The updated version features a control pad that is better ergonomically and more you’re looking for something that is less specialized and has more of an overall application, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 is a great option. It lacks jpeg processing ability, but you won’t be disappointed with your photos. This is a 10.1 megapixel pocket size camera with a 3 inch TFT LCD display. This is the follow up to Panasonic’s super successful DMC-LX3. Panasonic had to really work at trying to improve on the ‘ve found the improvements are not massive. The sensor in the LX5 is only about 30% more sensitive than that of the LX3. You will notice improved color because the LX5 LCD uses a higher index for color rendering and it has LED back lighting, as well. Far too many terrific digital pocket size cameras with so many fabulous features, don’t you think? What we’re seeing more often is the follow-up designs are improvements over shortcomings realized after design and production. But that is fine with many people, and us, as well. Bear in mind that people have all kinds of uses for their ultra compact cameras when looking for one that suits your lifestyle and purpose.

Twitter Receives 800 Million Dollars InvestmentTwitter Receives 800 Million Dollars Investment

IN A major breakthrough for Twitter Inc, the company has received a major boost as it’s said to have received an investment of around the 800 million dollars mark. The funding has been led by Digital Sky Technologies, which is primarily an international investment firm. It especially focuses on the Internet sector. This investment is great news for Twitter, which has a staff of around 600 employees. Twitter, in its blog post stated that, “We will use these resources to aggressively innovate, hire more great people and invest in international expansion.

Digital Sky Technologies is said to have invested around 400 million dollars, which could probably lead the firm for a 5 per cent stake in Twitter.Various other companies such as Price Group Inc, JPMorgan Chase and Co added the rest of the 400 million dollars. As per media reports half of the money would go towards the company and the rest of it should be used to cash out its present investors and employers.

Twitter has been one of the most popular social networking sites, which was started in the year 2006. Twitter has around 200 million user accounts throughout the globe. Whereas Digital Sky Technologies has always been very active when it comes to investing in social networking sites as it invested $200 million in another popular networking site, Facebook. At present the firm is one of the largest shareholders in Facebook. The firm would also like to be one of the largest shareholders in Twitter too.

Things to Consider When Choosing Computer Recycling Louisville kyThings to Consider When Choosing Computer Recycling Louisville ky

Sadly, the majority of us don’t have in mind the poor effect with the improper disposal of computer and electronic products. Due to this, many companies starts offering their computer recycling services and disposals. And luckily one of the locations where these companies are present, computer recycling Louisville ky is one of them.

The type of services you may expect coming from a computer recycling companies includes IT recycling services, proper recycling of computers and disposal of electronic equipments. And when the company is great then you should also expect safe and eco-friendly services at cheap prices. The role of your computer and electronic devices company is to properly recycle old items, when the electronic gadget can not be categorized as fit for re-use then a proper recycling process will begin. The values of every service can may vary which is based on the sort of electronic device you desire to dispose.

When choosing what companies you believe offers the best, you must check into different companies and their prices then pick which you think that most closely fits your requirements. In determing the best company, its also wise to check into their process. It’s your responsibility to dispose your electronic device or computer and thus you have to be careful in choosing the company. Checking with the company’s way of recycling and full data wiping should ensure that you’ve chosen the right company. The use of certified US Department of Defense during data wiping is one area that each company should acquire. They use this in overwriting your hard disks to make certain of comprehensive data security. Be attentive to what others are saying regarding the company.

Their reputation is one thing that really should not be overlooked. Another main service which electronic recycling Louisville ky could offer is the removal of annoyance, mess and expense of excess and outdated computer equipments. Maximizing the value of your pc and electronic devices also need to be taken into account if your computer still has lingering value then the company shall offer you cash. Its also wise to find out if the company is registered and operates in accordance to what the state required them to provide. Should you don’t have the time to wash or get rid of your personal data you might hire these firms to get it done to suit your needs. You can look up on the net some registered computer and electronic recycling companies for example . Remember, a fantastic registered company will be able to supply you with a secure computer recycling and disposal services which is mainly worried about the environment.

Projector Hire – Things to ConsiderProjector Hire – Things to Consider

A good presentation may contain images, text or video. It must present the ideas of a person effectively. A presentation must not only contain good content but the equipment should also be of good quality. Without a nice projector and screen, however good the content is, the presentation may not look effective. The viewers will remember not the content but the bad equipment. Thus in the process of hire, there are many things that must be considered. Factors to consider for projector hire – Rental of the projector depends on various factors such as screen resolution, bulb brightness, weight, lamp type, brand and lens. Another important thing to consider is whether the it is needed for multi stop conference or it is only needed in one conference area. Lens of a Projector- In the process of hire, if an LCD projector is considered, the lens is the things that set the image brightness on the screen. Most of the these that are taken on hire have zoom lens. This helps for adjusting the size of the image that will appear on the screen. Projectors usually have two types of lenses. One is glass and another is plastic. Glass lenses are the better choice to have a good quality image with sufficient brightness. Only drawback with these lenses is they weight more. Clarity of the image is also good with the glass lenses when compared to plastic ones. The user has to decide whether it is worth carrying the heavy glass lens projector or not. Hire companies offer projectors in various sizes. There are some sizez that are fit into a briefcase. The weight of such projectors is also very less. Along with the projector it is necessary to carry it’s case, remote and connection cables. LCD Projector hire- Considering projector hire is a better choice as renting is less expensive then purchasing one. Even before purchasing it is a good idea to try different brands and only then decide the most suitable one. A good presentation cannot be given with a cheap and not so good quality equipment. Thus search for a good projector hire, consider various factors and only then go for hiring. Researching is also necessary to choose the best equipment based on the individual requirements. LCD projector hire is the mostly seen in corporate offices. It is needed in the meetings, workshops and seminars. Corporate offices use the projector of Epson, Hitachi, Sony and Sanyo. LCD projector hire is the most popular. DLP projectors are also available and the manufacturers are trying to improve the color accuracy.

Apple Fixes Critical Issues With IPhone Battery UpdateApple Fixes Critical Issues With IPhone Battery Update

Do have an iphone 4s in hand, how do you think of it? as apple released iOS5.0.1, an update to its mobile operating system, but it seems that many users claims that the battery of iphone 4s are burned to fast. iOS5.0.1is the first update of Apple iOS 5, so that the tray notifications, increased performance and icloud to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In addition to solving the problem of battery IOS, 5.0.1. add multitouch gestures for the original iPhone, icloud bug fixes and enhanced voice recognition for iPhone users inAustralia. This is the first operating system update available through both iTunes and over-the-air. Not long after the release of the iPhone 4S, users began reporting that their phone batteries drain faster than before. This issue is not just iPhone users, however, 4S, but anybody uses iOS 5, Apple has finally realized that there were bugs in iOS 5, which caused the battery drain and recruited to help developers find the bug. On November 2, Apple has admitted that IOS had five performance problems of the battery and announced that he would solve the problem of iOS5.0.1. Apple has released several beta OS updates in the last week. Mashable Beta Testing showed that the IOS5.0.1brings a significant improvement in battery life of iPhone. Hope the battery problem can be solved fast, though there is some problem happened to iphone 4s, lots of people like it, using it to take photos, listening to music, play games and so on, especially when icloud appears, it is easy for apple users to share their files on different device. But there is no solutions to the drm protected music and movies to users, they have to use a remove drm software to remove drm, so that they can enjoy their music and movies. As an apple user, there are many other programs they should used, for example, if you want to enjoy music on their ipad, ipod and iphone, you may need a software to ripper dvd to formats that ipad,ipod and iphone support, there are many programs can do that, such as a wondershare dvd ripper, if you have a mac then you can use a iskysoft dvd ripper for mac to help you to convert both encrypted and non-commercial homemade DVDs on Mac for portable devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, etc.